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If your firm has a clear vision, a successful and profitable track record, and/or innovative products, it has a much better chance of attracting and retaining the best candidates at all levels. In general, executives are attracted to, and intrigued by, unique and challenging opportunities — not just an attractive salary. You need the programs and tools that leading executive compensation consultants use to protect top talent. We can help you in those areas.

Here are two strategies that provide ways for you to negotiate from a position of strength:

Additional Savings for Retirement—In many cases, highly compensated key executives are unable to maximize contributions to their 401K due to top-heavy testing. Our solutions enable your company to offer other sources for key executives to defer income for retirement savings, which ultimately reduces taxable income.

Reduce Income Taxes—In the current political environment, income taxes are destined to rise. Highly compensated executives need an additional strategy to reduce taxable income. Our Board of Directors Plan can reward your board by letting them defer up to 100% of their fee earnings in a pre-tax environment.

It’s Golden: Handcuffs and a Parachute

Here are a few more strategies we believe are “golden” for your executives. Let’s consider the following scenario: If a senior level executive has to rely on a 401(k) plan for retirement income, the amount may not be enough to maintain his or her current lifestyle in retirement. That coupled with legislative restrictions and limitations on qualified plans, illustrates the need for the high-income executive to be financially protected.

We can design a comprehensive executive benefit and compensation program that will provide your senior executives incentives and protection. For example:

The Strategies

Offering your executive a continuing level of income after retirement which may be derived from Social Security, qualified retirement programs, personal savings and non-qualified supplemental employer-provided retirement programs.

Designing programs for your executive to accumulate assets through various company-sponsored deferred comp plans, personal pre-tax savings and investment programs, and performance related short-term and/or long-term incentive plans.

Providing a liquidity plan to assist with cash requirements upon death that would include paying off debt, estate taxes and estate settlement costs, federal and state income taxes etc.

Each of these strategies will financially protect your executive, which will encourage him or her to remain loyal to your company.

American Executive Benefits, Inc. has a variety of programs available to you. Here is a just a sampling of the many programs we offer:

  • Defined Contribution Plans
  • 401K Wrap Plans
  • Defined Benefit Plans
  • Stock Option Alternative
  • Capital Maximization Program

…and many others.